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Forensic Archaeology

Fieldwork during the Bugs, Bones & Botany 2005 Workshop Fieldwork during the Bugs, Bones & Botany 2005 Workshop

Forensic archaeology is the application of archaeological methods, theories and procedures to criminal investigations. Archaeology is, by its nature, multidisciplinary and draws heavily from other scientific and technical disciplines such as geology, geophysics, chemistry, biology, botany, and engineering, among other areas. Archaeological methods, when applied to a crime scene, can aid in discovery and recovery of evidence, implementing rigorous field excavations, removing evidence from the ground and interpreting it in a more meaningful manner.

Billy L. Oliver, Ph.D., RPA

Registered Professional Archaeologist
Archaeologist II and Research Center Manager
Office of State Archaeology
Research Center

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
North Carolina State University

Office Phone Number: 919-715-5599

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